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Complex Configuration

Coconut Dal supports as many databases as your application needs. You can group connections into Test, Live or other environments by using a suffix, then telling Cocount Dal which suffix to use for the current application.

<Database UseSuffix="_Live">
<!-- connections for test environment -->
<add Name="Membership_Test" ConnectionString="Data Source=MyLocalDbServer;
Initial Catalog=CoconutMilk;Integrated Security=True;
"/> <add Name="Content_Test" ConnectionString="Data Source=MyLocalDbServer;
Initial Catalog=CoconutFlakes;Integrated Security=True;
"/> <!-- connections for live environment --> <add Name="Membership_Live" ConnectionString="Data Source=MyLiveDbServer;
Initial Catalog=CoconutMilk;Integrated Security=True;
"/> <add Name="Content_Live" ConnectionString="Data Source=MyLiveDbServer;
Initial Catalog=CoconutFlakes;Integrated Security=True;
"/> </Connections> </Database> </CoconutDalConfigurationSection>

Then, retrieve the database you need by passing the name to the Dal Constructor:

ICoconutDal dal = new SqlServerCoconutDal("Membership");

No configuration

If you manage your own connection strings and do not want to use the CoconutDalConfigurationSection, you can use this constructor:

new SqlServerCoconutDal(ConfigurationBehaviour.DoNotUseAppConfig, "Your Connection String");

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